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Government of Pakistan (PPP) and Government of Punjab (PML-N) – A Struggle for control of Pakistan: Raymond Durrani

Dear Friends of Christian Minority of Pakistan:

Government of Pakistan (PPP) and Government of Punjab (PML-N) – A Struggle for control of Pakistan:

It is our opinion that PPP government has not only failed to protect interests of the largest minority, members of the Christian minority in Pakistan from the home grown Muslim Extremists and Terrorists but also has deprived them from earning decent living by educating illiterate people who yet have to learn the art of civilization.

While presenting the bill in 1971 in the National Assembly the Interior Minister, Mulana Qusir Niazi said and I quote, “takeover their institutions and let them die their own death”. The dead Prime Minister, Z. A. Bhutto then nationalized all the Christian Schools, Colleges and Hospitals to offset the loss of East Pakistan in 1971 which was his fault. He then addressed the nation of the remaining Pakistan, the Muslim Extremists and said and I quote, “I have taken the symbol of Christianity (The Cross) from the face of this land, Pakistan.” We paid a heavy price for the mistakes of PPP which has failed to protect us from the Muslim Extremists for all these years. I strongly believe that the government wants the largest minority, the Christian Minority to dissipate from the face of that country. If not, we would demand the following:

 The government of Pakistan should abolish the blasphemy law;
 Call back the bill from Swat to practice Shria Law immediately;
 Introduce a bill to have the Christians practice double voting right in the national and provincial election and reserve percentage of Senate seats for Christians;
 Restore rights for the minorities as stated in the Constitution of 1948;
 Return rest of the Christian owned and operated Schools, Colleges and Hospitals back to with expenses paid for at least for two years as cost of occupation; and
 Introduce new legislation to protect minorities from home grown Extremists and strict penalties including death penalties for the abusers of minorities.

Option for the Government of Pakistan:

If the government has difficulty in complying with the demands stated above then it has the following option of separate piece of land as stated in the document below which has further rational and logic built in it in addition to the demands stated above:

As you may know that the Govt. of Pakistan has failed to protect the Christian community of 15 to 20 million from the mass 150 million Muslims. The Christian community has been terrorized, harassed, tortured, humiliated, spited on, raped and persecuted for years. You may be able to read all that in "Pakistan Christian Post". While in there, you can click on the website of "Pakistan Christian Congress" to read more about it. The time has come when the community has requested that they be given separate piece of land by dividing the province of Blochistan into East Blochistan for Blochies and “West Blochistan" for minorities. There is room for both, believe you me as stated below.

Pakistan covers 803, of land. The latest count puts the population at 177 million (2008 estimate) as below:

-Balochistan - the largest province - covers 44% of PAKISTAN’s
Land mass (353,738. with population of only 10 million (2008 estimate);

-Punjab - the 2nd largest province - covers 25% of Pakistan ’s the land mass
(205, with population of around 110 million (2008 estimate);

It is the Punjab where most of my people reside. It will be difficult for Pakistan to give even one inch of land.

What I suggest is that Pakistan gave us 176, from Balochistan to form our own Province which will be part of Pakistan with the head being a Governor, appointed by the government of Pakistan and it will be called West Blochistan. Since it is mostly underdeveloped, it makes economic sense to give half of it to those people who know how to develop economy and we will be self supporters and will not even ask for large share as the other provinces. This newly formed province will shine within few years from it existence and will have:

 Iran in the West;
 Afghanistan in the North;
 Pakistan in the East; and
 Arabian Sea in the South.

The border will be drawn from Bahawal Khan in the north to Saida Khan in the south. Please check Pakistan’s map for details.

Here is how it should start:

 All members of the Christian people of Pakistan, along with any other minority members who want to move in there;
 Government of Pakistan will, under the current system, appoint a Governor;
 A Premier will be designated until the elections are held and he will announce his cabinet with the approval of the Governor;
 Pakistan will furnish the initial expenses along with all the internal community including the members of the Christian people abroad;
 This province will have its own Police force to keep order and law; and
 IMF and World bank will finance the province for major projects.

The Province will be responsible for collecting its own taxes and will pass on the share of the Federal government to it every year.

I hope you will understand my point and get few of your colleagues to support our cause - and an honest one.

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,


Raymond Durrani and Associates
Political Strategists
Friends of Minorities in Pakistan

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